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The Eco Wash Laundry Set is the complete solution to give you low temperature machine washing and gentle hand washing.

For the perfect washing experience every time, these three beauties are for those who believe in caring for their clothes and protecting their skin from toxins, all without damaging the planet.

What's included?

1) Signature Eco Washing Detergent (250ml): a gentle but high performing eco-friendly powder, perfect for low temperature machine washing. 

2) Cashmere and Wool Eco Wash (250ml) which has amazing all-natural properties for cleaning your cashmere and woollen items, whether for a cool handwash, or a delicate machine cycle. Fragranced with patchouli and bergamot and containing natural moth deterrents.

3) Silk and Delicates Eco Wash (250ml), a wonderfully fragrant delicate wash for silks and silk blends, to be used in a cool hand wash. Reminiscent of the natural ingredients used by traders on the Silk Road to protect their cargo.

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