TROY Photoshoot with Hill & Aubrey

The TROY team were up with the birds on a fresh, spring Norfolk morning to shoot an exciting new collection. Model Sophie Pumfrett was wrapped in warm TROY cashmere and silhouetted against the rising sun as it pierced through the morning mist.  Hot photography duo Hill & Aubrey caught the light and patiently watched for the movement of the clouds to illuminate our TROY girl as she walked through the fields, along the tracks, beside the water and into the woods. 


Martha Ward styled each look and working alongside the excellent Laura Webb to sweep back wild, windswept hair and brush off leaves and grass. We stood in bonfires, we clambered into trailers and we peered into barns. Swaddled in their TROY Parkas, the support team peeped through fur trimmed hoods to snap from behind the scenes, Amy Williams, Martha and co-founder Lucia forming a strong line-up of rosy noses. A happy day for the whole team and one that would have been impossible without the help of the wonderful team at Lock Studios and the wonderful Tom Warren.

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