Made in Great Britain

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Here at TROY, we design and manufacture all of our collections in the UK, with many of our fabrics and materials sourced locally supporting the mills and factories in the UK that work to such a high standard. Additional materials and trims are found in Europe and further overseas.

To prevent waste, we buy small and produce only what we need.

All of our designs are made to last and to be enjoyed season to season and passed on to the next generation.

Carbon Offset Your Purchase

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We are very excited to have teamed up with Greenr to give you the option to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase. When you add a shirt to your basket, simply tick the option to add £1,20 to your order, and Greenr will do the rest.

Go Greenr - Fitz & Fro

Greenr is a social enterprise that uses technology to connect you, the consumer, to carbon offsetting programmes in a transparent way. Their carbon experts have sourced some of the leading carbon removal projects in the world, all of which are of the highest carbon standard with certifications under the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, the Woodland Carbon Code and CCB Standard. 

By offsetting the emissions of your purchase, you are ensuring that your carbon footprint is offset via one of their reforestation, bore hole or fuel efficient stove projects. 

Greenr's portfolio of projects specialise in having strong social and environmental benefits, having positive impacts on local employment, poverty rates and wildlife conservation. For more info visit


TROY's Policy on Fur and Faux Fur.
We favour natural materials in all of our designs which are made to last for generations, and use real fur trims on some of our designs. 2020 welcomes a new policy to provide a faux fur alternative to all our real fur trims, such as our signature TROY Parkas and all our fur accessories. We believe every person's view on this should be respected and therefore we like to give the choice to the customer so everyone can enjoy our beautiful designs.

We insist that as with any animal product, such as leather, fur must be sourced without inflicting cruelty. Our policy prescribes the sourcing of fur from suppliers from strictly controlled European SAGA approved sources that are governed by high animal welfare standards.We know that wearing fur is a personal choice and we respect that. In turn, we hope that people will respect our responsible use and ethical sourcing of fur.
Caring for your fur:

When taking care of fur items, it is best to avoid washing them in water, dry cleaning and ironing. You should always refer to a specialised centre if your item requires a maintenance treatment in particular.

Caring for your faux fur:
Cool wash or dry clean is recommended. Avoid any contact with heat, including hot wash cycles, tumble driers or irons as this will conversely affect the texture and softness of your faux fur.