Meet our new TROY Girl

Sophie Pumfrett is the face of TROY for 2016. Sophie has lived in New York and London, and when she is not running in Primrose Hill or riding her beloved horses at her family home in Gloucester, she travels the world with her international modelling career.

Loves: I love my life in London but am probably happiest in the Cotswolds, surrounded by horses, dogs and family.

Sports: When not riding horses, I was brought up playing hockey, athletics, and county level running.

Career: I have been modelling since I was fifteen years old, first in London and then all over the world. At nineteen I moved to New York for a year and a half, shooting with Burberry Black label, Pepe Jeans and endless catwalk shows.

Funniest shoot: That has to be in Azerbaijan in the mountains where I found shepherd and got to ride his horse in the shoot and round up his sheep!

Favourite TROY piece: the parkas are my favourite as they are beautiful but so comfortable, the quality of fur trims... and so easy to wear in city and the country. I also love the trilbies!

Style: I love Cos and Maje, Parisian brands.... generally French chic.. plus Zara for every day staples. I wear my Burberry jeans all the time, they are super comfortable.

Stay healthy: boring, but I am often in the gym, otherwise running through Regents Park and Primrose Hill, plus of course riding. I tend to walk everywhere in London.

Favourite spots to eat: I often have lunch in Planet Organic and only eat meat if I know where it comes from. I try to be healthy but do love to indulge in good restaurants - The Clove Club in Shoreditch is a current favourite. Other than that I do cook a lot at home.

Music: A bit of everything, including jazz and blues. And when I am working out then anything with a beat!

Book: I recently finished Born to Run, all about a man who goes to find the Great Canyon tribes who can run for days to find out how to they do it. Inspiring stuff!

Sophie models with The Hive Management.

Photographed in TROY Habit Coat.

Photographers Hill & Aubrey.

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