The TROY Photo Shoot

Fresh air and a quintessentially British landscape were a must in choosing the set for TROY's Autumn/Winter campaign shoot, featuring cashmere capes, leather and fur trimmed jackets and luxury winter accessories. And what better location than the house where founders Lucia and Rosie spent their childhood years, the namesake of the brand, TROY.  The London shoot team assembled on an atmospheric September morning, model Molly Smith tumbling out of the car swaddled in warm wools before tucking into a hearty breakfast. A Derbyshire girl, recently back from LA but firmly identifying with her home and the British countryside, her fresh look, understated style and natural English beauty made her the perfect choice.

Under the expert guidance of stylist Martha Ward, each look was carefully crafted, while art director Polly Chamier mused over lighting mood boards with assistant stylist and model Katie Readman. Upstairs in makeup, the talented Charlotte Cowen deftly applied the lightest touches while Stephen Beaver artfully teased Molly’s tresses into windswept perfection. Mint tea was sipped and the sun started to glimmer through the clouds.

Meanwhile, the dream team pair of Eds paced the fields in search of texture and colours, Eddie Wrey, photographer, director and model teamed with friend, film maker and editor, Ed Duffield. The laid back pair set the pace and feel for the shoot, relaxing Molly into the day with smiles and chatter with the help of their lighting assistant Alex Board. A mystical haze settled over the fields, clouds shifting a pale light across the assembled crew.

Style, comfort and durability in the face of the elements. The TROY girl has arrived...



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