A Coat For A Coat In Support Of Ukraine

Along with the rest of the world we have been devastated to see the events unfolding in Ukraine. The strength and resilience of this patriotic nation, in the face of such unthinkable violence, is humbling and inspiring beyond measure. 

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and, through Goods for Good and other trusted partners, will be donating a coat for every coat bought through our online store, for as long as stock allows.

In keeping with our sustainable ethos, we only make small runs of each collection and strive to avoid waste in all areas of our design so we will be donating stock and samples from previous seasons. Each donated piece has been selected for its warmth and waterproof protection to ensure we provide as much comfort as possible to those currently standing in the cold.

Troy are pleased that the project had been a success, and is still in contact with various charities in support of the Ukrainian crisis.

There are countless organisations doing incredible work in Ukraine and the British Red CrossUNHCRunicef and Doctors Without Borders are just four that we feel are making an impact to the lives of civilians, both in Ukraine and in the countries surrounding it that are seeing thousands cross their borders in search of safety every day.

There have been many examples of the best in humanity over the last two weeks, one of the most moving of which was captured at a train station where a line of prams were left by Polish mothers for their Ukranian counterparts.

The now viral image was taken by photographer Francesco Malavolta at the Przemysl train station in Poland.

We'll keep you updated on donations via our Instagram. Thank you for your support.


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