Bloomin' Bluebells

Bloomin' Bluebells! Nature's blue carpet beats Hollywood's red one any day of the week as far as we're concerned. Living in Norfolk makes us entirely spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying these wonderful, blue pops of Spring-time beauty.
But what to wear to nature's blue carpet event? Well one must compliment ones surroundings so herewith our favourite blues carried across a variety of our fresh TROY designs, some of which have literally just hit the shelves and all of which will ensure you compliment the Bluebells while providing the layered style that is essential for this, sometimes tumultuous, time of year.
First up two *new* pieces;
The Pinafore Shirt in Blue Check and the Trench Coat in Navy
Our latest variation of the Pinafore Shirt brings a new detail to this already delicate linen piece while the brand new Trench Coat is timeless in style and perfect for layering.
We love that blue embodies such strong, positive elements. Next in our roundup of this wonderful colour are two all-time faves here at TROY HQ;
The Fairweather Parka in Blue and the Shell Parka in Navy
The lightweight Shell Parka provides 100% waterproof protection for those, sometimes unavoidable, Spring showers but very importantly, it tailors and protects without making you sweat. The mid-weight Fairweather Parka is perfect for the changing seasons and those still chilly mornings and evenings, effortlessly chic and available with an option of a real or faux fur trim.
Some of our favourite shades of nature's strongest colour, featured across some of our favourite designs.
As seen above;
1) Stock Shirt in Cornflower Blue 2) Trench Coat in Navy 3) Shell Parka in Navy 4) Pinafore Shirt in Blue Check 5) Faux Fur Cuffs in Teal 6) Long Dungarees in Navy 7) Utility Dress in Sky Grey 8) Tracker Jacket in Navy 9) Quilted Gilet in Navy 10) Welly Socks in Ancient Blue 11) Pop Wax Parka in Navy 12) Fairweather Parka in Blue
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