TROY Tribe: Chloe Delevingne on Parkas & Prosecco

Chloe wears the Pop Wax Parka in Navy

Chloe Delevingne is a woman of many talents and interests. Her busy life in Oxfordshire sees her passionately building the female cancer organisation she co-founded, Lady Garden and managing her family of two young children. More recently, alongside her sisters Poppy and Cara, Chloe has been integral in the launch of Della Vite - the first partnership the sisters have undertaken together and already an award winning venture in the world of vines and crisp Prosecco. 

Congratulations on the success of Della Vite! Seeing 3 sisters come together to launch such an innovative product is so inspiring and something we can relate to - Rosie and Lucia, being 2 of 3 sisters, are the co-founders of TROY. How has the experience been so far, working on this together?

I have loved every second. We have been wanting to do something together for years but really took our time to work out exactly what that should be. And eventually we decided on prosecco! It has always been something that we have enjoyed together whether it be in celebration big or small. We also realise there was a gap in the market with the majority of the best prosecco never actually leaving Italy. And so we wanted to share with everyone how completely delicious and really special it can actually be.

What is the working dynamic like? Do you each play different roles? How do you complement one another?

We’re very much present in the business – it isn’t an endorsement deal - we’re co-founders. We’re all involved in different ways, as the launch has been more UK focused so far, Myself and Poppy have been in a lot of the day to day. We attend weekly meetings with the team and help create content for our social channels.

Poppy has been part of meetings with our wholesaler and is getting involved in investor meetings, while I have helped us win great listings for the brand close to home and have been interviewed on Sky News talking about a partnership we did for Valentine’s Day.

Cara is based in LA, so is playing a big part in our launch in the US later this year- she also shot some content at home in LA which will be shared on our social channels soon.

Tell us how you have celebrated your successes and also tackled challenges as a three? (Rosie often talks about experiencing the highs and lows as sisters and how challenging but also special and rewarding that can be…)

Whether it be a challenge or celebration we are intrinsically linked. There is nothing that cannot be solved when we are together. A force to be reckoned with. And it is forever comforting knowing that someone has always got my back.
Adding Della Vite to your already packed schedule, with your Lady Garden Work and a busy family life, how do you manage the juggle and what does a typical day look like?

Well there has been a huge change from home schooling and now. The previous is not something I am in any rush to revisit. Home schooling is certainly not my forte. And I’m sure my kids would attest to that! But for now. School drop off then back home to do my daily exercise for the Lady Garden Challenge. Either a spin class with my Digme bike or out for a walk. Then it’s time for housework (am useless as my OCD husband will confirm) and admin. And then as much Lady Garden Foundation work as I can do. We are working on a number of exciting initiatives coming up this year which has been great. Currently I’m also applying to go back to university this year so there been lots of UCAS forms and interviews to fit in. Then pick up, tea, bath and bed for all.


Images Courtesy of Lady Garden and Della Vite

What little treats do you allow yourself to keep calm in the busy and strange covid world we live in today?

Car dance parties which involve me driving alone listening to very loud dance music or Kylie Minogue!! Long bath’s and a little self-pampering. Things like using an at home fake tan like Amanda Harrington can make the world of difference to how you feel. And I have invested in a hairbrush that has transformed my hair, Vuja De. And of course a cold glass of DV on a Friday night.


Where have you and your TROY wax parka been? Where do you plan to travel for a country escape in the future? (We saw some divine pictures of your trip to Scotland!)

All over! Especially because of lockdown and the endless walking we did as a family to keep sane. Throughout March I also launched our Lady Garden Foundation 2021 challenge with the aim of covering 100km in the month. So my parka has been out on a lot of visits recently and has saved me from coming home totally drenched! Which has been a saving grace. I’m not much of a runner but on the few jogs I’ve done its kept me perfectly temperature regulated! My husband’s family originate from Scotland so we celebrated his 40th there a couple of years ag and I fell in love. I’d love to be able to take the park back!

Can you tell us your favourite walks and local watering holes that you would recommended? 
The Plough in Finstock where I live. The happiest pub I know.
The Bull in Charlbury.
And for walks Combe Beach which is near my children’s school where we can paddle in the summer.
Farmore reservoir because ita nice to be by water sometimes!
Palladian Way near Widford. Lockdown has allowed us to explore where we live. We are so lucky to have such beauty on our doorstep. And good pubs!

How do you plan to celebrate when this is all over? Parties, travelling or just more family time?

Prosecco with my nearest and dearest. Especially family, I truly, madly deeply miss them. Lockdown is scheduled to end on my birthday. I am somewhat excited and nervous all at the same time. The dream would be Glastonbury (ooooo my parker will be a dream there) but this year would be blissfully happy with dinner with some of my faves, outside and very relaxed. Fingers crossed. And regarding travel will just have to wait and see. We normally try to go away together as a family so just going to have keep fingers-crossed for that. If not the idea of Scotland or Guernsey for a couple of weeks would be equally amazing.

Image Courtsey of @Della_Vite Instagram


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