Conservation in Cadland

The importance of nature and natural landscapes has been heightened for many of us over the last year, with this in mind

we arranged a day trip to a precious parcel of U.K. coastline known as Cadland Estate.

Last week we were joined at Cadland by some of our best girls; women who embody the idea of sustainable style. 

A fiercely, fabulous group of inspiring ladies indeed;

Jodie Kidd | Callie Coles | Emma Elwick Bates | Patty SearleClaire Brayford

We paddled, we laughed and most of us got wet! Our outing was as educational as it was fun however; expert ecologist 

Jonathon joined our canoe ride, valiantly assisting us through the reeds before sharing his insight into the unique importance 

of the many precious biodiversities that call Cadland Estate home.

Comprising of ancient wilderness and rare nature reserves, with a coastal landscape between the woods and the sea;

the estate is full of natural wonders in need of conserving for future generations.

After our fascinating outing it was back to Fee's Kitchen Garden for an overdue catch up with
Rosie and Lucia's cousin Jamie who also happens to be
co-founder of a rather delicious distilled alcohol-free spirit; Feragaia.

Jamie's concoctions miss nothing in flavour and pack a brilliant natural punch. 
Bringing notes of Scottish fauna; our gorse mojitos went down a treat.
Drinks were followed by lunch at an ethereal outdoor dining table, decorated by Fee and laden with incredible local produce.

It was then to the beach, led by Cadland's tiny but mighty mascot; Popcorn!

The beach provides an endless list of family friendly activities including their newly established Pop Up hotel.

The perfect day was finished with a wonderful sense of calm as Cadland's movement coach,

David Tilston led us through some breath work;

inhaling that wonderful salty air over-looking the sea was nothing short of bliss. 

Breezing home after a day steeped in nature and sea air, we remember how precious and invaluable our landscape is,

more loved than ever as we stay on our own shores this summer.


We hope you find time to step out into the wilderness soon.

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