Duty to Care


NHS workers up and down the country are once again showing unquestionable determination and drive to support us all, come what may. In light of this, for Black Friday this year and with the help of our customers, we are focusing our efforts on giving back to these everyday heroes.

We have chosen to support Duty To Care by donating 10% of all of your Black Friday purchases to this fantastic charity set up by TROY’s very own PR consultant, Harriet Hunt, alongside her husband, Charlie who is a doctor with the NHS. The charity raises money to cover the costs of providing free mental health and wellbeing support to any NHS worker in need, via free online sessions.


Having had their efforts recognised with the Prime Minister's Point of Light award along with personal thanks, the team continue to expand their offering, supporting over 600 NHS workers across the country.

“I am absolutely thrilled TROY is introducing it's customers to Duty To Care and fundraising with us over Black Friday," says Harriet. "We are continuing to see an increase in the number of NHS workers who are signing up week on week and using our service at this challenging time, whether it is for sessions with psychotherapists, CBT therapists, meditation and breath-work experts, nutritionists, yoga teachers or personal trainers."

"We recently carried out a study and found that nearly three quarters of NHS professionals admitted that their mental health and general well-being has been affected since the start of the pandemic. With TROY’s support we can continue to provide them with the support that they deserve, so that they can ultimately be at their strongest to continue to care for us.”

Harriet and her team at Hunt Communications have been a major part of our TROY London journey and we have them to thank for many of the wonderful relationships we've made over the years. 

Witnessing the the way in which she and Charlie were called to action for this hugely important cause and then seeing the impact they've had in such a short space of time has been nothing short of inspiring. 

We're so grateful for the work they're doing and the opportunity to raise awareness so that this incredible resource can be accessed by more NHS workers, especially over the holidays when long shifts away from family can be especially hard.

To all the NHS heroes, we will forever be in your debt, but also to all of you for giving us a way of helping. Thank you so much. For more information on Duty to Care follow them on Instagram and click here to donate 10% of your next purchase.

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