Get Fresh and Foodie this weekend

THIS WEEKEND - Fare Healthy Festival at The Truman Brewery, London

For Rose Lloyd-Owen founder of Peardrop London - a catering business to the biggest names in fashion - food and wellbeing are not just her industry but a rightful source of happiness. It is with this in mind that she holds the Fare Healthy Festival for the third year this weekend (4-5th February) the sellout festival celebrating great food, fitness and wellbeing, as well as tackling some of the thornier issues of food waste and sustainability. 

"My ambition with Fare Healthy is to inspire, entertain and motivate people in a fun, celebratory atmosphere," says Rose, who recently appeared on the Vanessa Phelps BBC Radio show fending off criticism on the 'clean' eating movement that is taking the country by storm.

The festival buzz will be all about nourishment, locally sourced food and fun innovative exercise. So why go for a jog this Saturday when instead you can join a booty shaking Beyoncé Sass class, enjoy a lecture by Deliciously Ella and fill your fridge with healthy goodies? Book now while tickets last.
Read on... Rose tackles the TROY team's favourite topic, chocolate.Visit her blog.
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