Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey's Weekend Packing List

We caught up this week with former Vogue UK Retail Editor and Founder of VCHStyle, Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey. Having specialised in British Fashion for 12 years and headed the Vogue Trend Report, few are as learned as Ginny when it comes to British style, so were delighted to hear that she loves her new TROY 'beauty' - our frilly Pinafore Shirt.

The Facial Polish

Normally I switch the cleanser I use morning and evening but when packing light this one ticks both boxes.

The V-Neck

Boden's range has proved to be a new best friend because the fit works for me, the range is machine washable and the spectrum of colours is very impressive. I could layer this by day if the weather turned, or with nothing underneath it's a good down-time evening look, tucked into jeans, and paired with some great earrings and loafers.

The Non-Branded Trainer 

I have an obscene trainer obsession but nowadays I like the non-identifiable look (no logos, streamlined, a dark tone) but that feel smart. There is nothing worse than a gorgeous look ruined with a tired, muddy trainer. My whole mantra is about smartening up so these make sense. Yes they are expensive, but they will get so much wear you have sort of justified them by the 8th outing!

The Tote

Without doubt, these totes by Liberty are the best for anyone who now has to throw in a load of nappies, wipes, toys and rice cakes as well as their own belongings. A lightweight coated canvas that really does last, I've had about 2 of these and still they get noticed and still they look relatively new despite being bashed and bruised.  Come rain or shine I think Liberty print holds its own so these are great weekend bags but also great beach bags too.

The Floral Dress

If you've missed the overwhelming volume of floral dresses available from a range of brands don't panic because it's obvious this trend is here to stay for a while. The trap can be to buy something pretty, floaty and summery that will only last until September, season-wise. So this one, makes a good year-round option. Come winter you can pair this with boots and an oversized cardigan. For now though, I will be packing this with some elegant sandals for an evening look or my good old Havainas flip flops for running around with the children.

The Gift for your Host

If you are staying with friends and you want to actually look like you have made an effort rather than simply reach for another box of salted caramels, then I am going to say THIS is what you need to now bring as your offering. I am biased, (my husband is the oil buyer for Waitrose so I have had the beauty of olive, rapeseed, coconut, you name it drummed into me) but a bottle of Lia, which is a family run business from Greece, makes a charming gift. Be sure the host uses it quickly. We all fall into the trap of not using our olive oil fast enough.  Drizzle on salads, risottos, pasta, lamb - but for the bottle alone, this is a slick touch.



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