How To Cool It

4 genius cooling survival tips for your body and skin

So here are the facts: sweltering temperatures in Britain are looking to reach 29 degrees over the next few days with high humidity. Stay cool with our tried and tested survival tips.


During heatwave temperatures and high humidity, the body is unable to cool itself down effectively and can lose important electrolytes at an accelerated rate. Rather than H2O alone, also reach for electrolyte-rich drinks like coconut water—and aim to drink more fluids than you reckon you need.


Light colours & natural fibres
Paler shades will attract less light as well as less heat, while natural fibres wick warmth and moisture away from the skin. Check out our Summer Collection here for perfect light cotton pieces such as our TROY Dungarees (above).


Use your fridge
To counteract a red, overheated complexion, pop your face wipes and moisturiser into the fridge. We love SkinCeuticals' Phyto Corrective Gel and Bioderma skin cleansing wipes. 


Just a hint of mint
Peppermint cools on contact so try adding a few sprigs of mint into your water for a refreshing aftertaste. Try beauty products with the same extract for the same effect, like Aveda Mint Body Wash.


We wish you a very cool Summer!





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