TROY Tribe: Lena Farl, From Paris with Love


Meet the gorgeous, Parisian born #TROYgirl that is Lena Farl. Gracing us with her very own inside guide to a place many of us miss more than most; glorious Paris!

We recently had the opportunity of chatting to Lena about her love of sustainable fashion, her newly discovered passion for handmade clothing and of course, her favourite spots in beautiful Paris.

You are a Parisienne born and raised, what do you think makes this city so special?

I think it’s just the beauty of this city and the fact that everything around you is full of history. The buildings, the parks, the cafés… everything have a very specific aesthetic that cannot be found in any other city.

What does your perfect weekend in Paris look like?

For me, the perfect Parisian week-end will start with breakfast at a Parisian café, enjoying a hot coffee, croissant and baguette with butter and jam (the typical breakfast they will serve you at cafés in Paris). Then, I think that a little walk around the city to discover new places or just do some shopping ! If the weather allows it, a little picnic in a park with friends or alone with a good book. Then I will probably go to one of the many gorgeous museums the city has. I will advise going to Palais Galliera or Musée des arts décoratifs if you love fashion. To end the day perfectly, I will enjoy delicious food and a cocktail with friends! 


Are there any 'must not miss' eateries and watering holes you would recommend?

If you want typical French cuisine, I would recommend Bouillon Chartier, Bouillon Julien or Bouillon Pigalle ! If you want to have a nice cocktail and dance (when it will be allowed again) then you should definitely go to Pigalle neigborhood. Few of my favorite places here are : Le Carmen (cocktails and club), No entry bar (speakeasy bar), Buvette (perfect for brunch).

Venturing out from the city, what are your favourite surrounding villages and towns to take a breather in?

During the lockdowns, I decided to escape from Paris so I could recharge my batteries and focus on myself and my goals.  I went to the countryside, in Pays-de-la-loire. You have beautiful castles from Renaissance period and beautiful landscapes at only 2h drive from Paris. Otherwise, I love going to south of France, in Provence.


When do you think is the perfect time of year to visit Paris?

Probably in Spring, when the weather is still fresh because summer in the city can quickly become unbearable. But if you don’t mind the heat, then probably September could be a nice option :) 

We know you are passionate about sustainable clothing and that you've been making some of your own clothing. Is this a skill you've recently learnt, or a lifelong hobby turned passion?

Well, I started sewing during the first lockdown so it is quite recent. I’ve always wanted to create my own clothes, but was not confident enough to believe that I could actually acquire sewing skill. With the covid situation, I was not able to work so I decided to dedicated all my free time to sewing ! I took one sewing class just before lockdown and then learned everything from Youtube tutorials. I still have a lot of skills to learn but it is amazing to actually understand how a piece of clothing is made. Definitely changed my way of consuming fashion.


What's your favourite way to style your TROY Stock Shirt?

I absolutely love this shirt ! It is a classic piece that you can wear all year long with a lot of different styles. For summer, I will definitely wear it with a pair of white denim and comfortable shoes like sandals, ballerinas or espadrilles ! I will add a French basket bag and maybe a headscarf and 70’s inspired sunglasses to complete the look ! 


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