Locked Out With Lucia

Lucia in the *NEW* Tracker Jacket in Navy
 Locked down has meant locked out for this particular Ruck Keene sister. Normally stuck in the city, Lucia has been making the most of every moment here at TROY HQ in Norfolk.
Although weekdays are spent locked away in her home office, from Friday night fires to lazy Backgammon Sunday's; weekends are strictly outside! We know that many people are without access to this kind of natural luxury but we thought it might cheer you up to share in a few of Lucia's off the clock adventures...
Friday night's on the town may be a thing of the past but, after a hard week's work, here at Hilborough we are lucky enough to have a new kind of watering hole.... the field! Complete with ambient lighting, a built in fire and a conveniently located wine store with very little waiting time at the bar, safe to say we're not missing the pub!
Dreamy Sundays looking fresh as a daisy in her *new* Cape Collar Shirt, Lucia enjoys an ice cold King Lear courtesy of the Cotswold Brew Co whilst proving to be a real threat at the Backgammon table. 
Lucia's top picks this week include an original favourite, The Field Coat as well as two pieces from our *NEW* collection, the Cape Collar Shirt and the Tracker Jacket in Navy.
As always, we are so grateful for your support and as a gesture of our combined appreciation to the front line workers we will continue to donate 15% of all sales to Age UK for the foreseeable future.
These are unprecedented and undoubtedly difficult times but it's important to remember we WILL come out the other side and it's okay to find joy in the little things in the meantime. We hope you enjoyed being locked out with Lucia, Rosie will be taking us inside next week with a sneak peak of a few of her favourite locked in pastimes. Until then, stay safe and fabulous!
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