Martha's Tips & Tricks

Martha wears the Baker's Hat in Chocolate with the Lace-up Moleskin Breeches in Cocoa
Stunt woman extraordinaire, expert of all things beauty and quite simply one of the most effortlessly glamorous people we know, it's the one and only Martha Sitwell - a true Jill of all trades, with a bio that speaks for itself; Make up Artist/Historian. Designer. Model. Muse. Side saddle stunt woman. Aspiring criminal mastermind
Today however we'll be focusing on just one of Martha's talents with her selection of everyday makeup products as well as a handy tip for slightly weary eyes....
Anyone who knows Martha knows that she always looks flawless so we asked her which products she relies on to give her that stage ready glow, these are her go-to essentials for everyday...
1. Glossier Stretch Concealer 2. Benefit Cha Cha Tint 3. MAC Lip Stain 4. MAC Engraver Eyeliner 5. Instant Effect 3D Lip Pump 6. OPI Nail Lacquer 7. Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream 8. Hourglass Setting Powder
"I love that TROY's fabrics are fabrics and not polluting plastic and I suspect one day my granddaughter will be thrilled to inherit them."
Life as a side-saddle stunt woman means one must always be ready to go so Martha is most often seen in our Lace-up Moleskin Breeches and the Baker's Hat ready to throw on with or without hat hair! 
The Baker's Hat in Sea Green, Olive Green, Cocoa, Tan & Chocolate
The Lace-up Moleskin Breeches in Cocoa and Forest Green
Morning after a jolly good time? Martha's top tip is a game changer....
Flesh coloured liner on the bottom waterline of your eye to hide what may otherwise be just a tad pink!
Remember: With a good makeup brush, every woman can be an artist. 
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