Lost Your Marbles?

Frankie Herbert doing her best emoji impression in The Troy Parka in Military Green 

If, like us, you are finding yourself more and more somewhere between pulling your hair out and eating a tub of ice cream, we see you and would love to know how you are managing to keep your marbles :)

Here are a few of our go-to activities..
Last year the fact that we could "go to the office" in our slippers was something we all enjoyed to make the reality of being stuck at home more bearable. However, we feel this perk is a little tired so we're turning it on its head. 
Stay at home but go to town with your outfit!
  1. Stock Shirt in Burgundy 2. Drop Shoulder Jumper in Grey 3. Silk Scarf in Cream & Burgundy

We all have our own versions of glamour but, here at TROY, we feel pretty damn good in the finest British-spun wool. The TROY trio above is not only smart enough to make you feel "dressed up", it's also practical, sustainable and so, so comfy. Win, win, win. 

Every now and again one needs to remind oneself why one had children to begin with...! 😅 Obviously we love our little people but sheesh, teachers we salute you! What's worked for us when nothing else will? Get silly for a few minutes and see how you feel..

Just a bit of good old fashioned rough and tumble and, more often than not, you'll both blow off some steam. *Disclaimer: this tip is currently in the trial stages and so far we can report that all seams are intact and (nearly) all homework is done.

Play time approved; 1. Long Dungarees in Fern 2. Pop Wax Parka in Camo 3. Fairweather Jumper in Almond 4. Pom Pom Hat in Burgundy

Some days, comfort is essential. Whether that's curled up with a book or snuggled up warm outside against the elements, lean in to the cosy, you definitely deserve it. 

  1. Pom Pom Hat in Navy 2. Drop Shoulder Jumper in Grey 3. Drop Shoulder Jumper in Navy 4. Pom Pom Hat in Grey 5. Welly Socks in Oat 6. Welly Socks in Green

The Shearling Collar Coat & The Fairweather Parka

That's all we've got for you this week friends but give it a go and see how you feel. Dress up for no one but yourself, be a little silly every now and again and then get wrapped in something cosy. You've got this!

Don't forget to give yourself that all important breather in the fresh air, embrace as much nature as you can near your doorstep and, most importantly, don't give up hope!

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