TROY Tribe: Sofia Karvela, NY based Entrepreneur and Stylist

You were born in Athens, Greece before moving to London and then onto New York where you still live today. What first drew you towards the city that never sleeps, and what made you stay?

I decided to move to NYC before ever having visited. I knew from the movies that this was home. I knew I had to lose myself before finding it. New York is a city I barely survive but totally thrive in simultaneously… It ain’t for everybody...


 Does your wider family still live in Greece and do you get to visit often? Are there any favourite spots you head too if so, we need some wanderlust inspiration! 

I visit one a year and love my beautiful country. It’s a stunning land with the richest history. I’m just not much of a beach bum or a vacation lover. Nor do I go out and do anything fun or exciting. A true obsessive mom and workaholic….

You have been working in the fashion industry as a stylist for many years, can you share with us your best industry insider styling secret?

Wear it like you mean it. don’t just do trends- they look stupid when they are followed blindly and without the attitude backing them. Unless your life is an editorial no need to dress like one. I think people that love what they wear and feel good in it always look fashionable! 

Congratulations on launching your brand Wknd Nation last year. Your concept of crazy comfort mixed with cool style launched at a time where comfort was the top priority on our list! Did the events of the past year help to shape your vision, or was this something you were already imaging up pre pandemic?

I’ve always been a comfort obsessive. We launched clothes that you can dress up or down while holding on to your comfort zone.

They are classics with a twist!! For all ages. For all body types.


Your typical day juggling a young family and running your own business must be full to bursting, how do you keep up with being pulled in different directions and your planning. Any tips for us?

Decide what it is you love and let it kill you kind of thing. I am very focused and very minimal in where my energy is spent on. I work and then I go to my family. I don’t have distractions.

Do you think that motherhood has changed your approach to style, not just for yourself but when you were styling clients too?

I cannot handle fussy things anymore. I cannot overthink about an outfit. I like simplicity and I value ease and longevity in a garment. 


How do you like to spend your down time (if you get any!), do you have any go to activities that really help you switch off after a long week?

I go to the playground and I listen to my children laugh.  

The last year and a half has given us all a new prospective on life, how are you planning to approach 2022? 

With more confidence that anything is possible if we set our intention and mind to it. 

You have chosen our Norfolk Jacket and Chocolate Elements Parka (perfect for the slopes as well as the city), how do you plan on styling these TROY pieces?

With my white button down shirts. Cashmere sweatshirts. Jeans and leather skinny pants!! Love the Norfolk jacket so much because of the mix of fabrics- has so much attitude and class you can keep everything else supper simple- the jacket is the hero!

I chose the chocolate parka- I have been afraid in the past of brown but this one is the perfect tone and it looks so luxurious and chic!! 


Lastly, our favourite question. Where should we absolutely be heading for dinner or drinks next time we are visiting New York?

Ask a young cool Tik Tok’er . I eat at my vegan local shop hahaha. 


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