Stephanie Peers @TheStyleMemo Talks Fashion, Horses and her favorite Laksa

The serenely chic Stephanie Peers of The Style Memo shows us how to rock the city to country look on her visit to Lake Windermere in the Lake District, and fills us in on what will be making her happy in 2018...
Many happy congratulations on your recent engagement! We can only guess how you feel to be starting the new year?
Thank you so much! We're so happy and excited to be engaged, and the wedding planning has started already. It's actually pretty stress-free, at the moment anyway, and I just really want to enjoy every part of it.

How do you like to describe your style?
I think my style is pretty classic. My day to day look generally revolves around a cashmere jumper, a great pair of jeans and a really good coat or jacket - like the Troy Military Cropped Jacket that I'm in love with. When it comes to the evening I love to dress up, and resort wear is where I really play with colour and interesting styles. I also love to mix designers with new independent brands to find something a little different.

We see you love animals and riding horses, how important is nature in your life?
At this point I'm pretty much a city girl, but I love spending time at our country house in the Lake District and I've really got back into horse riding in the past year or so. I started when I was about 6 but I stopped for many years and my reintroduction to it was actually during our California road trip last Easter. We rode into the Santa Ynes Valley and had the most incredible views across the mountain ranges, with golden eagles swirling above - breathtaking!

Could you give our followers some tips on looking chic when out enjoying the fresh air?
I think keep it sleek in modern layers. You don't have to wear traditional oversized countrywear. I like to wear a slim fit trouser with a cosy knit, and a jacket that pulls in at the waist. A fab hat, like my favourite Troy Suede Baker's Hat, or a smart trilby is also a great option it avoid the windswept look.

How do you like to keep fit and healthy?
I must admit this isn't always my strong point but I think there are small things that can make a big difference. I always take the stairs and I have a "mini workout" that literally takes 10 minutes which definitely helps to stay toned. I also love to cook with fresh ingredients and I'm particularly fond of making Asian inspired dishes which are generally pretty healthy. It's also great to know exactly what is going in my food.

What is your favorite beauty tip for the perfect hot bath at the end of a long day?
I'm actually more of a shower girl, but on the odd occasion I have a bath I have stacks of bubbles, a good face mask - I love the Black Tea Overnight Mask from Fresh - and I surround myself with candles from Jo Malone and Maison Ves.

What are your thoughts on fashion that is Made in Britain?
I love it when a brand makes their collection in Britain! We have such a strong textile heritage in this country and I think it's desperately sad that we're losing that, but when brands make that commitment it should really be commended. If I were ever to start a collection I'd love it to be Made in Britain.

We love fresh home grown produce, what could we cook for you to make you reeeally happy?
As I said, I love cooking Asian inspired dishes so maybe I can cook for you! I'd make my favourite king prawn noodle laksa and chicken with a chilli soy cashew nut sauce. If we're sticking with the question though let's go for good old country fare like a really good cottage pie with stacks of cheesy mash bubbling on top.
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