Summer Fashion: Neutral Territory

This summer we're staying neutral, both in style and territory and here's why..

A true capsule wardrobe is made up of a few pieces with many applications. Pieces versatile enough to be worn in a plethora of fashions allowing them to evolve with each pairing. To take this principle one step further, use neutral tones as the base of your wardrobe and watch your outfit options increase exponentially.

1. Tracker Jacket 2. Drop Shoulder Jumper 3. Trench Coat 4. Fine Linen Shirt 5. Dawn Gilet 6. Heathland Coat 7. Pinafore Shirt 


Whether you're looking to use neutrals for a head-to-toe monochromatic look or as the backdrop for a pop of colour; these warm, earthy tones deserve all the credit they get for versatility and compatibility. 

Our Drop Shoulder Jumper is available in Ecru, Grey and Navy, whilst the Heathland Coat is available in Acorn and Dusk Blue.

Our Dawn Gilet is available in Chocolate, Tan and Butterscotch, whilst the Tracker Jacket is available in Olive, Khaki and Navy.


Our Fine Linen Shirt is available in Cream and Sage Green, whilst the Trench Coat is available in Taupe and Navy.

Your neutral themed, safari-esque style promotes sophistication with a touch of adventure; regardless of your current travel plans, add a little excitement to your every day attire.


The beauty of neutrals is that they don't compete with one another, instead these humble, earthy tones compliment everything and anything they're paired with, no matter the pigment. Plus, they bring out your sun-kissed glow!

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