The Icon: Meet Julie-Anne Dorff

Meet Julie-Anne Dorff, the illustrious style doyenne is former Executive Editor of both Harpers Bazaar and Town & Country, and is now working for one of the world's most luxurious fashion houses. Read on for her favourite tips for city-to-country living (with a spot of shopping along the way!)


When did you first come across TROY and what attracted you to the brand?

I first came across Troy when Town and Country Magazine did a feature on its Founders Rosie and Lucia.


You’re based in London with your husband and three kids. Where in the UK do you escape to for some country air?

I love Cornwall. We are also so lucky in London there are some beautiful parks such as Richmond Park.


How often do you travel to France with your family, and where do you spend time?

I am from the Loire Valley and my parents have a house in the South of France and we try to go as often as we can.


Can you recommend any brilliant hotels that cater brilliantly for both parents and children, for a bit of luxury?

Cowley Manor and the Four Seasons in Hampshire.


What does a typical London weekend consist of?

Children's activities, a casual supper with friends and a long walk near the river between Putney and Barnes.


What are your top tips for shopping, both for yourself and for your kids?

For myself, stick to the brands that fit you and for the kids chose something you both like otherwise they won’t wear it!!


What have you learned from your highly successful career in fashion that has affected your shopping choices?

Quality over quantity and stick to pieces that will fit your work and home life (Mum's life). As you get older you know what fits you and it's best to have a few pieces you love/invest in. Less is definitely more!! I love Bonpoint for small babies and La Coqueta for children. Mih and Goldsign for my jeans, J Crew for basics and of course my favourite TROY winter parka and spring jacket.



The Pinafore Shirt



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