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Meet lifestyle entrepreneur Leo Bamford, Founder and Editor of My Baba. Her influential parenting blog features expert advice and tips in a clear and concise way, perfect for busy lives. We get the inside scoop on country to city living.


Leonora Bamford



You moved from Chelsea to the countryside recently. What advice and words of encouragement would you give to someone considering moving out of town with a young family?

I love it and more than anything, the children love it. If I was ever questioning the move, all I need to do is watch the children playing in the garden after school. Making new friends is easier than you would think. I would say don’t look back, look forward.


Tell us about the area you now live. What are the best bits? 

I live in Oxfordshire and am surrounded by gorgeous little villages with so much to see and do. I have Daylesford Organic on my doorstep which is pretty amazing and have just started pilates classes there. I live at Cotswold Clubhouse where they have gymnastics and trampolining for the girls and the most amazing soft play. I’m also mad about Adam’s Farm and we’re not too far from Blenheim which has always got great stuff on.


How do you manage to run your business from the country?

I can’t say it’s easy but I have a great team. We’re all about flexi working and I’m actually writing this in front of an old episode of Friends and it’s 11pm! I try to get into town every week to see new products and have meetings.


Do you dress differently in the town/country?

I don’t really. I definitely have more greens and browns in the country but I still live in black! My footwear might be a bit less chic in the sticks but I pretty much live in trainers anyway.


What are your favourite pieces from TROY’s AW18 collection?

I’m a huge fan. I live in the Wax Parka but love a bit of fur for when the weather turns.



Autumn wardrobe - will yours 'pop'?



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