How to tie a Silk Scarf, with Sarah Kate Byrne

We chat to Sarah about her love of Silk Scarves and the many ways they can be used to brighten your outfit this summer....

"TROY Founder Rosie and I have been friends since university days at Trinity College Dublin. She has always claimed that I am the only person she knows who can tie a scarf properly or in fact use it in an imaginative way...I think she might be biased but it is true that I am partial to a silk scarf. I don them as neckerchiefs, tie them as belts, use them to embellish a tired handbag, wrap them around my head...the list goes on.

The news of the Summer Collection Silk Scarves in green & gold and sky &pale blue reached me, rather serendipitously, hours before I was due to attend a scarf tying workshop in Bordeaux!

So, what did I learn…

Choose your colours - choose a colour that suits you especially if you plan on wearing near your face. The two hues of the TROY scarves are super flattering. I would be a 'cold' blonde and thus the sky blue is perfect on me as it would be on most skin tones. The green is more suited to warmer complexions such as my dazzling half Italian client, ITV Racing presenter Francecsa Cumani!

Be inventive - a scarf is not just a scarf. It is an accessory with endless uses! Here are some of my favourite ways to incorporate them into a look:

- use a normal ring to loop both ends through and cinch up to your neck

- fold in half and tie behind your neck for a triangle neckerchief

- tie opposite corners in a knot, pull the other two corners under the knot towards one another and you will create a little rose knot to tie at your throat

- a classic "gavroche" is where you roll your scarf in from both sides to make a neat roll and then loop the ends into a loose knot - I tend to pin mine to my top/jumper to stop it slipping round!

- if you have a jumper with side buttons on the shoulder then unbutton it and loop your scarf through the holes instead!

As with all styling, be playful with it, and have fun!"


 Sarah Kate Byrne is stylist to women all over the world, but you don't need to be a top TV presenter to benefit from her advice - contact her at

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