Together, we WILL get through this

Although our wings are clipped for now, our connections aren't and we know the power of an online forum, marketplace or community. Whether that's buying British (we, like many others, would be so grateful - Rosie is personally arranging deliveries from her home office) or supporting local organisations fighting this on the front lines, we all need each other in one way or another.
Left to right: The *new* Cape Collar ShirtThe Stock Shirt in Burgundy & The Pinafore Shirt in White
Don't let too many tracksuit days slip by you without reminding yourself you are a stylish powerhouse!
Left to right: The *new* Tracker Jacket, The *new* Quilted Country Gilet & The Shell Parka - all in Navy
For us the answer was simple; with immediate effect, we are giving 15% of all sales to Age UK so you can rest assured by supporting this British business you are also supporting an exemplary British organisation.
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