Introducing TROY Girl, Fashion Illustrator and Model Sabrina Percy

Sabrina Percy enjoys some winter sunshine while strolling through London's Hyde Park in her limited edition Eagle Parka. Launched in proud collaboration with Alex Eagle in February 2018, the Eagle Parka is now available to buy with the option of luxurious faux or real fur hood trims.

We talk to Sabrina as she reflects on busy Fashion Weeks, currently gracing the cover of Tatler, and her love of fashion illustration.

Congratulations on what has been a pretty successful and exciting year so far! Had you always known you wanted to do fashion illustration?
I studied art and went on to do a degree in Fashion Illustration at the London Collage of Fashion. Afterwards I felt I should experience ‘office life’ so I worked for an estate agents, if only to say that I had done it! It definitely confirmed my desire to work in fashion and my love for drawing. It was the first time I hadn’t been drawing on a daily basis and I really missed it! I felt like I wasn’t fulfilled and people kept telling me my talent was going to waste. I started doing commissions on the side, but very quickly it became clear that it should be my sole focus.

You have been commissioned by some of the world’s leading luxury brands to draw for them. What has been your career highlight, to date?
I was recently invited to sit in the front row at Huishan Zhang’s presentation at London Fashion Week and I sketched the models as they walked. It was a dream come true! My hand was shaking (which I am sure the Vogue writer sitting next to me must have noticed) but the nerves didn’t get the better of me. I love doing things that make my hand shake and that take me outside my comfort zone.

You travel a lot for both illustration and modelling jobs. Can you tell us about your most favourite recent trip?
I went to Venice to shoot the Dolce & Gabbana campaign with Kitty Spencer, Isabel Getty and Frankie Herbert. That was a dream come true and I still pinch myself whenever I see the stunning pictures. It was unbelievable!

You have been non-stop! How do you relax and unwind?
After Milan Fashion Week I am going skiing in Aspen with a group of close friends. We all need to switch off once in a while and disconnect, and there is nowhere better for doing that than in the mountains.

What are you hopes and dreams for 2018?
I am planning my first exhibition this year. I feel the time is right to show the world my drawings that I have done for myself, that aren’t all commissions. I need to man up and open the door, saying ‘This is me!’- I hope people will like it.

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