TROY takes to the Yorkshire Moors

Met by a glorious sunrise in the Mossdale Valley, the TROY Team were up with the sparrows on a fresh March morning, ready for a full day of windswept photography. Fuelled by coffee and bacon sandwiches, we stepped into the sunshine with the beautiful country girl Jacquetta Wheeler striding purposefully out into the grassland to our first shot.

Tim Hill, of the Hill & Aubrey photography duo from Lock Studios, moved constantly to expertly capture the shifting light of the spring morning, an unseasonably sunny day with a whipping wind making for a challenge under any circumstances. Not least for make-up artist Laura Webb, adding her special touches to Jacquetta's rosy cheeks and wind-swept tresses.

Up into the hills we went, skirting sparkling streams and climbing to Hilary's Hut, a lunch spot of dreams with 360 degree views across the moors. The open fire in the hut was stoked up for a cosy respite from the chill and Scamp the rescue pup bounded in and out of shot to ensure he remained star of the show. Equally energetic was Katie Readman, styling each shot to maintain the effortless chic of our TROY girl at one with the rolling British countryside.

With huge thanks to Alice King PR for her guidance and support, to Eddie and Matteo for having us, to Karen and Sean for the warm welcome, to John for enthusiastically offering a ewe and her little lambs for the shoot, and to Robbie and Sheila for looking after us all so beautifully! 



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