#TROYTRIBE - Amy Gatehouse, Pink Diesel

We caught up with Amy Gatehouse from the wonderful female led Pink Diesel Rosé to find out what I takes to launch a business in a global pandemic & her top picnic tips.
Founded with your friend of 20 years, it looks like you are having the best time building your business. How did it all come about?
Marina and I met when we were 10 years old and it has been non-stop giggles ever since. Over lockdown we were drinking our way through French rosé's and felt there was a gap in the market for a seriously chic & lively brand that didn't compromise on quality or price! We felt the wine industry needed a shake up, took its self too seriously and what better way than to offer an alternative type of #fuel with a relatable story and transparent supply chain! We built the brand upon our pure love to #fuelgoodtimes and produce with a family run vineyard in Provence that shares our values around sustainability. 
Tell us about how you landed on the name for your brand, and what #fuelgoodtimes means to you?
Pink Diesel encapsulates very literally ‘- pink - fuel’ We landed on this name by very literally recognising that sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine with your best friend is just the sort of energising activity you need to bring you out of a funk or bad mood! Over the pandemic, friendships like ours kept us sane. #fuelgoodtimes to us means kicking back, pouring your self a quality glass of rosé and putting the world to right through chatting all day and night long! And if it leads to dancing even better… our choice is non-stop ABBA around the kitchen table using carrots from the fridge as microphones!
What do you think makes for the ultimate spoiling picnic?
Ensuring that your rosé stays cold by decanting it and brining it in your chilli water bottle!!!!!! #lifehack! Oh and truffle crisps from Bayley & Sage. They go superbly with Pink Diesel.
What flavour notes should we look out for as we savour your Provencal rosé.
Our distinctive honey & peach notes with each crisp sip! This makes our wine SO versatile, it’s dry but also has a sweetness to it. Matching it with almost any dish… fresh salads, BBQ meats & fish… and my secret favourite pairing is a glass of Pink Diesel with a slice of Victoria sponge cake. Utter bliss!
Your favourite picnic spot if you can magic yourself there right now?
Gosh - transport me on a magic carpet to the top of The Peak on Hong Kong island! I was born there and lived there for a few years in my earlier 20’s so the city is close to my heart. I love the fact you hike from the middle of busy Soho - to the top of The Peak (hiking trail up the city!) and sit at the top of it surrounded by a leafy oasis of palm trees and watch the skyscrapers and city beam from below as the sunsets! With a backpack full of rosé and crisps with dip what more could you need… but locally - for me, you can’t beat London’s Holland Park - watch out for the roaming peacocks!!! 

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