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We spoke to Arabella Preston, Make Up Artist & Co-founder of British skincare brand VOTARY about her passion for great skin.

You set up your sustainable skincare brand Votary in 2015. What prompted you to take the plunge?
I was working as a makeup artist and beauty editor and would always use face oils to prep my clients skin. Contrary to popular opinion, oils make a fantastic base for make-up and can be used by all skin types. My business partner, Charlotte Semler, who is an old friend, thought my love of oil cleansing and face oils should be shared beyond my clients and so we started working on Votary together. It has evolved beyond our wildest dreams and we are immensely proud of it.

Why do you feel interest has grown so much in plant based beauty products?

I think it’s more that plant based beauty has evolved from a wishy-washy place to a category that wants to shout loudly about the science behind the ingredients. At Votary we happily blend our beautiful natural plant oils and botanical actives with lab-sourced ingredients to create products that, in my view, are ‘the best of both worlds’.

 How have you and Charlotte your co-founder been able to support, motivate and complement one another, setting up the business together?

Our experience and skill sets both compliment and support each other. Neither of us would want to be doing this on our own. We really value working through the difficulties and hurdles together - of which there are many!

How do you measure success?

Beyond the obvious one of sales growth, we genuinely value the fact that we are still entirely independent and have full control of our business. From a more holistic point of view, if we are healthy and managing to balance work and home life easily then we feel much more able to take on the challenges of running a business.

Please talk us through your morning skincare routine.

 I oil cleanse every morning using Rose Geranium Cleansing Oil. I find that steaming my face with a flannel wakes me up pretty quickly and means my skin looks super glowy. I follow with a quick swipe of our new Daily Apple Toner to brighten and refresh, then apply Super Seed Serum followed by Glow Drops. It sounds a lot but is really quick and is a routine designed to give maximum impact on my skin.

How has your approach to wellness changed over the years?

I certainly drink a lot less than I did in my 20’s! I mean, to be honest, every aspect of my health is better than that decade. I eat better, exercise more and understand my stress triggers in a way that makes things manageable. Wellness is so personal and ultimately quite simple (though possibly just a teeny bit boring).

What are your go-to Votary products?

My morning skincare routine mentioned above contains my ride-or-die products. In the evening I add in our Intense Night Oil - Rosehip and Retinoid for an age defying boost

Where are the best places to visit in Kent?

 My village is actually on the border of Kent and East Sussex so my recommendations cover both. I live 5 minutes away from Great Dixter which is regarded as the ‘gardeners garden’ a little potter through there always results in some inspiration for our own garden.

I adore St Leonards and eat at Goatledge on the beach or at Farmyard.

Water Lane is a stunning walled garden nursery and restaurant housed in Victorian greenhouses that are being painstakingly restored by the owners.

A favourite day out is to head to Rye, beginning with a walk along Rye Harbour. We then head into town to mooch around the shops (I love Ferry Road Store), followed by lunch at the George Hotel and an afternoon in the Kino cinema.


What are your favourite TROY products?

 I adore the Troy X Brora Fair Isle Jumpers. The almond is perfect for autumn walks - I layer the Tracker Jacket in olive on top now that there is an occasional chill in the air. I’ll keep adding layers as autumn deepens. Next on the list is the Ribbed Cashmere Beanie Hat in Moss!



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