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#TROYTRIBE - Sophie Lis

We caught up with Sophie Lis, designer & founder of her eponymous jewelery brand Sophie Lis about her passion for the Cosmos, her design ethos and building a brand from her West London home.

Tell us about the first piece of jewellery you designed and how this set you upon your journey to create the wonderful brand you have today​.

I was searching for the perfect earrings to wear to my wedding. I wanted to invest in something which would last forever and had a special symbolic significance.

After a long a disappointing search, I decided to design my own, the Fallen Star diamond hoops which became the founding design of the Sophie Lis brand and to this day remains the most successful!

·       How have you found building the business and growing the reach, what has been your most exciting moment to date?

I absolutely love what I do which really helps work not feel like “work”, especially with the long hours involved balancing young children with a growing company.

The growth of the company has been organic which mean that my customers buy from us because they love what we make rather than because of promotion or advertising. We are very loyal to them and try and give something back in return.

The most exciting moment is hard to say as every order that is placed I find exciting! Spotting my jewellery on strangers is always the ultimate thrill and something I find incredibly rewarding.

​You draw on inspirations as far reaching as the cosmos​, love and health... why did you select these particular values to celebrate?

All my designs began being inspired by the cosmos. Stars, moons, comets, the sun etc which I find totally fascinating. There is magic in the night sky and I love the fact we do not totally understand it. Since the beginning I have added to the range of symbols to represent values I think are equally powerful. Protection, good health, faith and love are all superpowers I would like to carry.

·       How do you relax and unwind from the pressures of the office?

I look after my mental and physical health by doing exercise and make it an absolute priority to fit in a few sessions a week. I box regularly with Pete at Box Cleaver, love a SoulCycle class or run in Hyde Park.

Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by my friends and family, spending time with the people I love the most. At the weekend I am fully concentrating on doing just that.

Some fabulous women have worn your designs. How do you want your jewellery to make people feel?

I wanted to build a brand that stands for more than just ascetics. Every piece of jewellery I make holds symbolic significance which is designed to empower the people that wears it. Whether it be protection, confidence, guidance etc I hope every person who puts on a piece of Sophie Lis jewellery feels charged with a little more superpower!

·       What are your tips on increasing the longevity of our jewellery pieces?

Invest in forever items and look after them. Our jewellery is designed to last a lifetime and will do

·       What is in store for you and the business in the coming year?

The answer to this is SO many exciting things on the cards kicking off with a Valentines collab with Bicester Village. We will be expanding our presence in the USA and doing lots more events and pop ups for our UK customers. There are a couple more secrets which will have to stay secret for now too… watch this space!


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