Walking has never been more fashionable

We were thrilled to have an opportunity to ask Lisa a few questions about her favourite London walks, countryside escapes and how she makes walking both healthy and fashionable...
- Your favourite London walks
There are so many! London  is so rewarding to walk through as there are so many twisty narrow alleys hidden squares and mews you miss if you're in a car or on the Tube. A very pretty one is from Little Venice, along the canal to Paddington with all its barge-cafes, then down through Hyde Park, Belgravia , Victoria and Pimlico and over the bridge to Lambeth Palace. But anything that takes you along the river, in either direction, is good too.  Plus Hampstead Heath, Richmond Park and all the commons. Londoners are spoiled for choice.
The Tracker Jacket as seen below on a very fashionable walk with Penelope and their gorgeous pups.
- Your favourite rural UK escapes 
Dorset, walking the South West Coastal path. Devon, The Cotswolds, Scotland, Norfolk, the Black Mountains…
- What you were wearing
My new Le Chameau walking boots which are very light but sturdy and, as these things go, stylish. I've learned to wear light layers and not dress too warmly. You get hot. It's much more important to have waterproofs on you. And of course  my TROY London Tracker jacket. I love the shapeliness and all the pockets. It's a true town/country all rounder.
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