We are thrilled to share a special treat with you! Recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with our lovely friend Lis Roscoe, a renowned yoga instructor and somatic coach. Lis generously shared some invaluable wellness insights, along with her personal tips and tricks for starting the day on a strong note. Plus an exclusive mini meditation for you, our TROY friends.

Meet Lis

Alicia, otherwise known as Lis, transitioned from her career as a corporate lawyer to pursue her passion for wellness.

With 20 years of yoga practice and 10 years of teaching experience, Lis brings a wealth of knowledge to her students. She initially trained in Ashtanga yoga and now teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative, and Yin yoga.

Lis integrates yoga philosophies with modern psychology and personal development tools to support her students' growth. Her classes are known for being imaginative, nurturing, and playful, leaving participants feeling light and open. Additionally, Lis collaborates with other yoga teachers to offer retreats in the UK, Ibiza, Portugal, and Sweden.

Lis's steps to a grounded morning

Mornings can feel like they're going a million miles per hour, leaving little time for anything else. However, with Lis's simple daily habits, we can all establish a foundation for a more grounded and intentional day ahead.

1. Stretch

After sleeping, the body can often feel stiff and a little stuck. To combat this, I usually begin my morning with a series of gentle movements to release tension. I start with neck rolls and shoulder stretches, followed by cat/cow poses and a forward fold. With my background in somatics, these movements are not rigidly prescribed yoga stretches. Instead, I tune into my body each morning, scanning for areas that feel tight, and move intuitively to release tension and promote flexibility.

2. The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal is my ultimate hot tip of all time. It’s a quick and simple five-minute practice that can have profound effects on your overall well-being and productivity. All you need to do is dedicate a moment each morning to complete one page in a journal. On this page, jot down your current feelings and emotions, and outline your goals and intentions for the day. This brief exercise helps you start your day with clarity and focus, setting a positive tone for whatever lies ahead.

3. Two Minute Cold Shower

Stay with me! I know this may seem like a lot to ask, but studies have shown that cold water exposure releases dopamine. It's like a triple espresso without the crash. To harness these benefits, I either take a cold shower or immerse myself in my cold plunge Lumi Pod each morning (use code ALICIA15 for an exclusive discount).

This invigorating practice not only boosts my mood but also energizes me for the day ahead.

4. Create don't consume

When we wake up, try to create not consume. By this I mean rather than reaching for your phone and consuming social media, create something! This could  journaling, writing, making a new healthy creative breakfast, playing or reading with your children.  I always go downstairs without my phone and go through the rituals of the morning, opening curtains, taking the dog into the garden, watering plants and making a healthy breakfast for me and my daughter. These can be repetitive daily dull tasks but done mindfully and with intention for the day they are beautiful.

5. Meditation or breathwork

I know this can sound inaccessible, who has time to meditate every day? Remember the quote: “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” Honestly, I am talking about just five minutes, either before or after journaling. Close your eyes, find stillness, and take ten regular breaths through your nose. This brief practice can significantly enhance your sense of calm and focus, making it a manageable and beneficial part of your daily routine.

Enjoy this exclusive mini meditation from Lis, the perfect grounding practice to start or end your day.

Connect with Lis

Learn more about Lis by heading to her website here. Keep up to date with her happenings on instagram!

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