Introducing our new collaboration with Brora, The Fair Isle Jumper.

Victoria, Creative Director at Brora and TROY founders, Lucia and Rosie
With a shared appreciation for heritage knits, slow fashion and locally manufactured designs; it was an absolute joy to work with the team at Brora to bring a touch of contemporary to this classic style.

Without further ado, we're thrilled to introduce to you our
Fair Isle Jumper...
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Available in two striking colour combinations and proudly made in Scotland from the softest yarn, this beautiful jumper is also unusual in its seamless design, allowing it to be a zero waste garment and a sustainable choice for you, sure to be a part of your capsule wardrobe for years to come.
Click below to read Rosie and Victoria's interview on how the collaboration came about, what inspired their mutual love for luxurious, sustainable and locally made pieces, how to style the jumper and much, much more. 
We are so proud of this collaboration and thrilled with the outcome.

Coming together as British brands in the midst of this challenging year has been an inspiring experience and together we stand strong, looking forward.


How did you both meet?
We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew that there would be synergy between our brands, our fashion ethics and aesthetic.
R: I have always been a fan of Brora's heritage knits and Lucia and I have long dreamed of creating a beautiful but fresh take on a fairisle for TROY. Meeting Victoria over dinner was great fun and after a debate on the future of British fashion industry it wasnt long before we realised we should combine forces on creating some exciting new designs. 
How did the collaboration come around?
We started talking about a project that could inspire both of us, that we could feel passionate about and Rosie suggested a fabulous fair isle knit. I knew we could make this in Scotland and at Brora we have the wealth of experience in fair isle design to create something that chimed with Troy’s sense of colour and style.
R: We spent happy hours with Victoria and the Brora design team working more contemporary colour mixes through the traditional fairisle pattern, opting for an icelandic inspired design with bold yoke and cuff patterning. The expertise of the Scottish factory is second to none, and it is core to our values to keep all of our production here in the UK, so this was a dream scenario for us.
What has been your biggest inspiration for the jumper?
As creative director of Brora one of my strengths lies in colour combinations; very often when asked what makes Brora special, people tend to talk about our sense of colour, the quality of our knitwear and the modern take we give to traditional knitwear. With fair isle design, opposites attract; one design reminds me of lichen, gorse and silver birch, the other slate roofs, rusty metal work and midnight blue skies, both decidedly Scottish.
R: This design takes me back to my childhood holidays in Scotland, being bundled up in a soft fairisle for blustery picnics, or wrapping them tightly around my waist for the inevitable stomp across the hills. We wanted to hark back to the romantic roots of this design but bring a bolder nordic take on it, and a brighter palette to suit the modern wardrobe.
What is your favourite feature?
Of course I love all the features! The super soft yarn, the zero waste manufacturing process, the flattering shape, the colour combinations and the made in Scotland label.
R: Not only is this design beautiful but the zero waste, seamless manufacturing process and low carbon footprint means that this is a sustainable choice too. It is wonderful to support this Scottish factory and to raise awareness of the skills and expertise right here on our shores.
How would you style it?
They both work beautifully with my favourite Brora wide leg velvety cords.
R: This is such an easy style to freshen simple jeans and a tee, but equally works well with a statement collar and silk scarf tied loosely at the neck.
Is there anything in the pipeline for another potential collaboration?
One thing I have learnt this year is to live day by day. Let’s launch this first and see whether both our customers love the jumpers like we do!
R: We are so excited to see how our customers respond to this design. Put it this way, I think they need to be quick!
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